I have come to believe that we are here to evolve and that the key to our evolution is story.

These are my grandmothers. I was only able to meet them a handful of times, yet I was raised with their histories. Some were empowering stories of victory, but I also inherited their destructive myths. I pick up where they left off, and continue the work they left unfinished.

We are raised by two kinds of stories: those which nourish us, connecting us to ourselves and one another, and those which weaken and separate us. 
The latter tend to be culturally inherited myths that place limits on the capabilities of a given race or gender, limits on our individual possibilities, or our life's purpose. These myths all too often go unquestioned. Tragically, many of us live out our lives simply replaying this outworn lore. If we could individually rid ourselves of these self-limiting myths, our planet would be transformed. In this way, each of us is at once infinitely insignificant and our only hope.

But stories can be a powerful tool for human connection and healing. A compelling story connects us to something timeless, beyond the accidents of birth such as gender, race, and material circumstance. When stories are distilled into universal truths, they transcend differences and connect us. Evolving the consciousness of all who listen, they can free the collective human body from centuries of limits, letting in hope and possibility.  From there, we build.

I came to storytelling as a means of personal and collective evolution.